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Growth Loan Fund I

  • The Growth Loan Fund commenced investments in Sep 2012 and made its final investment in Sep 2018. 
  • The Fund was originally a £50m fund, which was later increased to £55m. 
  • During the 6-year investment period, the Fund invested in 102 companies in NI across 140 loans. 
  • Growth Loan Fund I (£55m) is forecast to create over 1000 new jobs during the Fund life. 
  • The Fund also leveraged a further £50m of funding from banks, financial institutions, private equity providers, etc, into those 102 SMEs at the point of investment – this has added over £100m of investment into the NI market. 
  • The successful deployment of the Fund has led to Whiterock launching two new funds – Growth Loan Fund II and Growth Finance Fund with the support of NILGOSC, British Business Bank and Invest NI. 
  • The success of the Fund has established Whiterock as a key funder in the alternative finance market. 
Growth Finance Fund