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We believe that Relationship Brokers are an important component to accessing finance for growth, which is why we set up our Property & Commercial Finance division.

Our role as the Relationship Broker will be to arrange offers of funding for property finance and commercial finance projects.  Whether it is new, existing or top-up funding our team will be able to assist clients in conjunction with arranging full banking refinances.  As a Relationship Broker we will be involved from the initial concept through to drawdown of funds, which enables us to fully understand the funding requirement and develop the most appropriate funding structure.  We will assist the client and their existing team of financial and legal advisors in the preparation of lending proposals to be submitted to funders for consideration through to project completion.  Our vast experience in the local banking and alternative finance sectors enables us to pinpoint the most appropriate funder with the credit appetite for the proposal.

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    By being involved at the initial concept we will quickly identify the most appropriate funder to deliver tangible funding solutions in a quick and efficient timeframe.  Our significant experience in lending and underwriting allows us to fully assess all funding proposals before formally submitting to a funder.  This affords us the opportunity to structure a proposal in the most appropriate manner and to draw out the key risk factors for a funder to consider.
    Our comprehensive submissions to funders outline and analyse the key risk factors, suggest the most appropriate the funding structure in line with credit appetite and are in a format that mirrors many funders’ key underwriting requirements.  Our submission papers have been designed to meet all funding circumstances and are in a format that are warmly received by funders.
    Offers of finance will be issued directly by funders, not by Whiterock Finance.
    What we offer clients is a fast and stress free approach to securing offers of finance by fully understanding their funding requirement from the outset.